Create the most extensive and flexible sound system ever with SoundSYNK!

Take a look around you at the potential: so many people with smartphones sitting silently there when they could all be linked together to create the biggest soundsystem ever created!

No need for speakers, no need for WiFi. All the app needs is Bluetooth turned on and a bunch of friends to get the party started!
Get SoundSYNK going with your friends, choose who’s going to be the DJ and enjoy the music all together in sync wherever you are! That’s the magic of SoundSYNK!

As a DJ you get to control what your friends will be listening to wherever they are as long as they are within reach of the network. Perfect for any music gatherings such as festivals, house and beach parties!

As a listener you can access the playlist and upvote songs to change the playlist order.

Even better! Turn the Smart Play Queue feature on and let the playlist be changed automatically following the calculated music preferences of everyone in the network!

SoundSYNK is free and will soon be available on all major platforms. Get ready to take the party mobile!

Tips to Save Money on Professional Web Design

Tips to Save Money on Professional Web Design

Everyone who has need for a website is going to be interested in the professional service provider who can save them the most money while providing good value. Regardless of your budget, there are many ways that you can save money, stay within your budget, and have a great looking website. Here are 5 tips to save money on professional web design Melbourne at 

Identify Must-Haves

One of the first things you need to do for a quality website design on a budget is to identify the elements you must have on your site and those features and options that you can do without. This way, you do not spend a lot of money on features that you do not really need.

Determine Your Budget
Another essential thing to do to save money on website design is to know your budget. Be clear with your design professional right upfront about your budget, and you will be less likely to go over that amount.

Eliminate Rough Drafts
Second, avoid hourly rates and the back and forth process that is often a part of putting together a quality website by having your website design plotted out ahead of time. 

Ongoing Quality Checks
Time is money. Many people mistakenly think the final quality check comes at the very end and neglect quality checks throughout the process. Make sure to perform quality checks throughout the process to save time and ultimately money on your website design. 

Compare Services
Finally, make sure to comparison shop. Looking around online and within your network of professionals for website design teams that can provide you with the services you want is essential if you are trying to get the best price.