SoundSYNK came from 4 young music-crazed students.

The setting: a lounge at Exeter University, UK.
The motive: Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 Competition. 48 hours to come up with an app idea and a prototype.
The time: the evening of the first day.
The ideas we had so far: a few, in particular one regarding a calendar kept coming back, but nothing convincing. Nothing at all.

"Oh well" we thought, inspiration comes with music. So Alex started playing music on his laptop but it wasn't loud enough as we were all spread around the room.
"Why not start the same music video at the same time on my laptop to make it louder" said one of us.
Problem was: the videos were never in sync as there was always a slight delay.

BOOM. It hit us like the Hogwarts Express.

"Guys, let's make an app that streams the music to all our devices at the same time! How cool would it sound??"
40 hours later we had found out: it sounds absolutely brilliant! A symphony of 3 speakers convinced the judges to make us progress to the next level.

After beating 86 other teams at the World Finals in St Petersburg and winning the Imagine Cup 2013, we are now working hard on the first release of our app. So come and join us on our crazy adventure and let's ride some (sound)waves together!